ExCo Members 2021-2023

We are pleased to announce that the CCCM Annual General Meeting was held successfully on Zoom on 26 September, 2021.  Thank you for your support and participation.  The new CCCM Executive Committee members have been elected.  Please join me to congratulate them and pray for them at all times.

ExCo members 2021-2023:

  • Chaplain – Fr. James Areechira
  • President – Anthony Li
  • Vice President – Derek Luh
  • Secretary – Gloria Ng
  • Asst. Secretary – Anastasia Chan
  • Treasurer – Kenneth Ng
  • Asst. Treasurer – Stephen Lau
  • Services Coordinator – Gabriel Lam
  • IT Coordinator – Simon Lau
  • Editor – Stephen Ma

May God give them all the grace that they need to serve Him, to listen to His voice and to lead the community according to His will.