人生就係咁? Alpha(啟發)是一個互動系列讓您能透過在線或親身聚會與他人聯繫, 並從中探索這個問題。 Alpha是給所有年齡層, 有信仰或無信仰的人都可以在友好、誠實和輕鬆的環境中去探索生命、信仰和神的意義。


  • 透過一起進餐或在網上交談作彼此聯繫
  • 觀看一個引人深思的短片,並從基督宗教的角度去探索生命
  • 然後讓大家在小組中分享想法和感受


Is there more to life? Alpha is an interactive series where you can explore these questions and connect with others online, or in person. It is done in a friendly, honest and informal environment for people of all ages and beliefs to explore the meaning of life, faith and God.

What to expect?

  • connect, either in person over a shared meal or a virtual cuppa online
  • watch a thought-provoking video exploring life from a Christian perspective
  • and then have a time for sharing thoughts and ideas in small groups.

No cost, no pressure, no judgment.